Premium Flavours

Alphonso Mango Ice Cream

The King of Mangoes, Alphonso, is no stranger to sweetness of summer times. With our Alphonso Mango ice cream, relive the summer times with a yellow deliciousness. Made from the real, natural Alphonso Mango, Boogies presents a taste found no place other than Boogies Ice creams. Experience rich, juicy and creaminess with every spoon of our Alphonso Mango delight. Serve the kids a taste they keep on wanting more. With no added preservatives, stabilizers or colour, our Alphonso Mango ice cream is perfect for any occasions. Make memorable moments more brighter with our deliciousness of Boogies Alphonso Mango Ice Cream.

Chikku Ice Cream

What’s more flavorsome than a ripe chikku! This brown fantasy is amaster of taste. It’s soothing sweet taste is often the stimulation for the sense, waking more realms of happiness. Who doesn’t love to enjoy a delicious serving of Boogies ice cream, best known for its quality, texture and original ingredients. Boogies chikku ice cream is a pure breed of happiness, desired by people of all ages. Creamy, fresh and fruity chikku is served, spoon-by-spoon, filling your heart with a joy that can be given by nothing else. Enjoy the refreshing moments of a day with Boogies chikku ice cream.

Jack Fruit Ice Cream

Boogies Jackfruit Ice cream is a natural wonderment made in yellow. Ingrained within the creamy richness of our Boogies Jackfruit Ice cream is the healthiness and fibrous health of jackfruit. Enriched by the complete nutritional value of a jackfruit, what you get is no less than a healthy scoop of deliciousness. Benefits of Jackfruit are never-ending and the natural taste of it is an ecstatic one. Boogies jack Fruit Ice cream is a healthy choice for anyone who is fond of ice creams . The low glycemic index of jackfruit and the natural sweetness makes it a great ice cream.

Tender Coconut Ice Cream

The bright green coat, fleshy delicious center and a quenching drink of refreshment, that’s how a coconut is defined. Boogies tender coconut ice cream is as refreshing, as bright and as delicious as having a tender coconut in a hot summer day. A luscious creamy coconut fill that can bring all the summer days of enjoyment, a nostalgia of old memories, the real fineness of Kerala, the God’s own country. Boogies tender coconut ice cream is a ambrosial, sweetest to core and heart-warming experience that can make anyone a huge fan of Boogies ice cream, enjoy it for the best.

Banana Ice Cream

If healthiness had a taste Boogies Banana ice cream would be it. What’s more enriched than a low-fat, high fiber, vitamin enriched original Boogies banana ice cream. Natural sugary delight with zero preservatives and chemicals, all made from the healthiest bananas collected from all across Kerala. It’s the fruity and sweet taste that remains in mouth and memory that makes Boogies banana ice cream a flavor that our guests keep on wanting more of. Experience healthy and happy ice cream moments with our Boogies Banana Ice cream. Let the taste buds have a blast of deliciously soothing, banana ice cream

Water Melon Ice Cream

Nothing has ever been more satisfying than having a freshly, water oozing, deliciously built water melon. Reminds that no matter how hot the summer gets, there’s a fruit that can get you through the dry, breezy heatwaves of the summer season. Boogies now added a bit of flare to your summer day delights. Boogies water melon is a rich creamy delight of happiness that outstands with its sweet tenderness of a freshly cut watermelon. Enjoy Boogies ice cream and have blast of calm, cool and healthy summer day because what else is better than sweet and good quality watermelon flavor.

Green Chilli Ice Cream

A bit new to town, but winning hearts all around, that’s green chilli ice cream. Is it spicy? Is it sweet? Or is it both? That’s the doubts that fills the air when it comes to Boogies green chilli ice cream. Well, that’s the fun part isn’t it?! With our green chilli ice cream what you get is a wild roller coaster ride of tastes. Experience the green cream of sweetness and spiciness. Have a taste of rich creamy spice that is quite an experience you can share with your friends and family.After all, Who doesn’t enjoy an uniqueness.

Cashew Cream Ice Cream

Boogies cashew cream ice cream, now that’s a punch of real quality taste right through the palates. It is a favorite to many for a variety of reasons. One can be it’s good and standard taste and healthy serving for any one who loves ice cream. Other reason is the delivery of a unique tint of happiness with every serving that fills the heart of the one who eats Boogies and that of Boogies itself. The rich texture of cashew with a blend of sweet sugar cream and low-fat aspect makes Boogies cashew cream ice cream a blooming wonderment forever.

Spanish Delight Ice Cream

Caramel meets chocolate, cashew meets cream, and there’s a vanilla rush here and there. That’s how you can define the Boogies Spanish delight. It’s a festive of taste and blend of an ever lasting joy. With every bite of our Spanish delight, take in a different feeling of unexplainable happiness. It’s rich in cream, fine in texture and fragrance is an addiction. All made of original, healthy and nutritious products, Boogies Spanish delight ice cream is a must try. Gather a crowd, rush to Boogies, have taste of a lifetime of Boogies authentic Spanish delight ice cream, let the mouthwatering begin.

Chocolate Ice Cream

What a joy will it be to make a person smile. It is happiness that fills the heart of seeing the pure joy of seeing a face light up with pleasure of the sight and smell of chocolate ice cream. Enjoyed by millions across the world, chocolate ice cream is always a first choice for many because of how happy it makes one. Boogies chocolate ice cream is a seriously pleasure giving delight that can be served anytime, anywhere with a guarantee to deliver a splash of happiness to everyone. Enjoy the real chocolatey relish given by Boogies ice cream.

Fig & honey Ice Creams

A fruity world with a dash of honey over the top, furnished by a blessed blend of brown creamy Boogies Fig and honey ice cream. Experience taste to that rush the happy hormones in your brain because with every scoop it a taste that is irreplaceable. Boogies Fig and honey is a natural formulation that is a good choice for a fun gathering, sharing sweet memories, and making beautifulmoments more sweeter and memorable. Figs are known for their impressive nutritional value and quality. Figs with naturally obtained honey is a combo that makes Boogies figs-honey ice cream simply fantastic.

Coffee Ice cream

Dear coffee lover, we are here to make your day more and more brighter and tastier. Boogies coffee ice cream is a great blend of cream, coffee, slight bitterness, sweetness and a handful of love. Coffee is a beverage that has been consumed in large quantity across the world. But, who would have thought that the world would see a more unique realm of coffee taste in form of ice cream. Yes, Boogies coffee ice cream is distinct flavor filled of sweet and a streak of coffee bitterness. Boogies coffee ice cream is a brown thick serving of real-deal uniqueness.

Pineapple Ice Creams

Introducing Boogies pineapple ice cream. Pineapple as a fruit is one of the favorite fruit consumed by many. But it is a little tiresome to get all those thorns out of the way, clean up the fruit and finally get to the core. Well, what if youcould get a fresh dose of pineapple and that too, as an ice cream. Boogies Pineapple ice cream is a rich flavor of creamy vibes of pineapple and unbeatably the tastiest ice cream you could have ever tasted. Enjoy rich, creamy and healthy scoop of Boogies Pineapple ice cream with fun and joy.

Vanilla Ice Creams

Well, if chocolate is a favorite of thousands, vanilla is a desire of millions. It is the first choice, a favorite choice and even the only choice of many. The sweet, soothing and calming smell of Boogies vanilla penetrate the heart and the mind to find its place at the highest level of your dreams. Desired by children and adults of all ages, vanilla is undeniably the best flavor of ice cream present in the world. A flavor that can enslave the buds, a flavor that keepson popping up in the mind at first when asked about ice cream.

Blackcurrant Ice Creams

Blackcurrant is a fruit with a tart taste, hence it is a better experience when combined with sugar, cream and richness in texture. Boogies Ice cream of blackcurrant flavor is not just a flavor but more of a healthy choice for a delightful day, fulfilling all the heart’s desire when it crave for something sweet and enticing. Blackcurrant has a sour to sweet taste. It’s the quality, texture and the fragrantly rich appearance of Boogies Blackcurrant ice cream that makes it a unique experience and a must-try product from Boogies. Experience the real taste of blackcurrant with only Boogies.

Shamam Ice Creams

Cantaloupe or musk melon , a summer day is made better and happier by this yellow fruity flavor. Cantaloupe ice cream is rich in essential factors such as elements and vitamins and have low fat content, making it perfect for people of all ages. Shamam or cantaloupe ice creams from Boogies is a unique opportunity for you to discover the summer day secret to happiness. The rich creamy texture crested by the blend of silky extract of Shamamor cantaloupe makes Boogies Shamam ice cream an unique experience to be felt once every summer. Enjoy with full heart of joy.