12 years of exceptional taste and quality, Boogies have grown from being a starter to a leader of making heavenly flavors.

Our Story

Boogies Ice cream is a persistent dream at its finest. From challenging grounds to smooth roads Boogies have maintained a wonderful quality from the very beginning. Story of Boogies began 12 years back, from a single product of high quality. Now, with zero advertisements and no promos, we stand tall and strong with 152 successful products of authentic and genuine taste. Today, Boogies is a household name, a favorite choice, the first choice to celebrate a happy moment. Boogies is the best trader of luscious and fragrant natural quality ice creams mainly focused in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. We are a booming sweetness available in many place around Kerala.



Boogies grew to excellence with its superior taste and quality. Started as a small manufacturer and local distributor of Boogies Ice cream and with no ads, we are now at a capacity of manufacturing 152 charmingly tasty products. As a brand build on persistent dream, we are now the best ice cream in Kerala and a booming market in Tamil Nadu.
Quality of Boogies is unparalleled. Each product undergoes a heavy quality check and is certified as the best. Hence, what we serve is only the highest quality product. Ice creams are delights consumed all over the world. Synthetic flavors, artificial sweeteners, , unhealthy food colors are all a growing concern in the society. We understand this concern. That’s why we are the best trusted company that maintains the transparency in manufacturing.